Eastside Locks



1st November 2016




John Sisk & Son Ltd.


Glenn Howells

The brief

The scheme was to construct 659 student rooms in the form of cluster flats, with a showcase tower of 19 floors. Our objective involved us taking on installation of our products off site. Working with FP McCann the construction was in the form of precast modular blocks which our windows were installed into the blocks and then shipped to the site.  

How we did it

Responsible for all windows, external doors and curtain wallingwe worked closely with John Sisk & Son and architects Glenn Howells to deliver this challenging build. The offsite installation was a new milestone for Elite as traditionally all of our work is constructed into the openings formed on site. 

With the glass units having double skins of 16.8mm laminated glasswe had to use specialist lifting equipment at the offsite yard to mechanically lift theinto place. The concrete panels were designed with a steel ledger support to carry the load of the windows with the delivery of up to 6 blocks a day to the site. 

The Elegance 52 curtain walling and doors were all installed on site.  

The Result

The project was finished in November 2016 and the building has added more diversity to the other unique buildings that sit on this educational heartland in Birmingham. 

Products Used


Curtain Wall