Our Partnership with the Graham Shapiro Foundation

We are very pleased to announce a partnership with the incredible Graham Shapiro Foundation. Building mental health and well being awareness to the workplace.

We are really pleased and excited to announce a brand new partnership with the amazing The Graham Shapiro Foundation. Professor Graham Shapiro is an absolute inspiration and has created a wonderful charity that supports mental health, well-being, innovation and young entrepreneurialism in the UK. The charity supports other great charities like Help for Heroes, Mental Health Foundation and Alzheimer’s Society to name a few.

In 2009 Graham suffered a brain spasm, suspected bleed on the brain. The cause was stress related. Also some of his very close family members have passed away or suffered with severe mental health issues. He passionately wanted to help to support mental health and well-being but to also know where the financial contributions would be going directly to make a difference. The answer was to setup the Foundation. The other aspect of the Charity is to support young entrepreneurialism in the UK. Graham commented: “The Foundation’s aim is to help young entrepreneurs believe in their dreams and help support them to become who they want to be.”

“To form this partnership is an honour” Jamie Bayliss, Managing Director of Elite Aluminium Systems said, “Elite Aluminium Systems are proud to support the Graham Shapiro foundation helping to create a culture of well being and openness in the workplace. So together let us support corporate mental health initiatives and nurture a workplace where every individual can thrive.”

Please take a look at the foundations website > The Graham Shapiro Foundation

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