Curtain Wall Systems

Elite Aluminium Systems design, fabricate and install high quality curtain walling systems that are fully tested to CWCT standards.

Curtain wall is designed to resist air and water infiltration and to provide a thermal barrier between inside and out.

It also allows for the filtration of more natural light into the building and is used on numerous new-build and refurbishment developments.We offer a full range of curtain wall systems that are fully drained and have a high thermal performance to cope with the most extreme weather conditions.

We can provide an extensive range of high performance curtain walling systems from ground floor treatments to high rise multi-storey facades to roof glazing, manufactured using either capped or capless systems.

A variety of mullion and transom depths allow for the fabrication of screens with large uninterrupted glazing areas creating consistent attractive facades.

All curtain wall sections are thermally broken and there are options for single, double or triple glazing. The entire curtain wall range can be supplied in a range of polyester powder or anodised finishes.

A dual colour option is available throughout. For more information regarding our products or advice on product selection, please contact our offices.

For any more information please call our offices or email us a message.

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